Denise Ivey Telep is known across the country as an accomplished muralist and artist, whose vibrant works of art grace the walls, floors and ceilings of homes, medical facilities, churches, schools and businesses. Each mural design is a collaborative effort specific to the desires of the client and the location. All murals are one of a kind.

Denise’s mural work has a distinctive richness that comes from years of painting as if every inch of a client’s wall was actually a fine linen canvas. She uses professional artist’s grade acrylic colors along with a combination of faux finishing glaze techniques that render her paintings with luminosity and believeability. Rich layers of color, not normally achieved in mural work, make each composition full of life… each one, a work of art. You can be assured of professional results, designed to be affordable, that are uniquely one of a kind.

See the murals here:

Corporate Murals

Residential Murals

Medical / Dental Murals

Children’s Murals

Mural pricing has many factors, so you can encounter a wide range of pricing for the same size project, largely due to level of realism, complexity of design and artistic styling, all of which you can control. Murals are typically priced by square footage and detail involved. A $200 deposit is applied to start your sketches. Since all work is custom, you can decide how much detail you want which influences your final quote.